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Our mission

Animals are our best friends and at Pelsbarn we are on a mission to help our beloved dogs and cats get the best sleep and health possible. In addition, we actively support animals in need by donating to charities that are committed to this. Every month we support a new charity to help as many animals as possible. In addition, we donate our own products (dog and cat baskets, leashes, etc.) to a shelter in the Netherlands and on Bonaire.

More than just a dog bed..
The Pelsbarn baskets are revolutionizing the importance we place on our pets' sleeping habits, as well as helping to address the increase in anxiety symptoms in dogs. When buying a dog bed you also help other animals in need.


Everyone needs a good night's sleep to live a happy life. A lack of comfortable sleep can lead to a variety of physical and mental health problems. Also for our pets.

We wish they could live forever, but unfortunately we know that nothing lasts forever. That's why we want to help your pet get the most out of your precious time together.

Behind the Pelsbarn company...
Pelsbarn was founded in the Netherlands by Fay and Daniel who grew up together with dogs and cats around them every day. They have always had the feeling to do something for animals and to help them they founded their company: Pelsbarn!

Unfortunately, we still see with our own eyes how many animals are treated differently than we are generally used to in the Netherlands. They decided to volunteer at a shelter, but soon realized she wanted to make more of an impact. In addition to volunteering, they personally donate dog baskets to the shelter on Bonaire and a percentage of the profits go directly to charities that are committed to animals.

What does Pelsbarn actually mean?
Pelsbarn means ' dear four-legged friend' in Norwegian. The country they have traveled and based their Scandinavian design on for every Pelsbarn basket.

Did you know?

According to a published study, there are approximately 470+ million dogs worldwide. Of those 5 million dogs, 40% will suffer from anxiety at some point in their lives. An alarming statistic that we at Pelsbarn think should not be taken lightly.

By providing a loving environment and accompanying it with one of our soothing dog beds, countless customers have seen the positive effects in the lives of their pets; a happy pet, sleep longer and less unpredictable behavior.

What makes a Pelsbarn product so popular?
Comfort and safety are the main features of the bed. The comfortable fur-like (vegan!) material is the foundation of what a special bed can do to improve dogs' nervous systems, allowing them to calm down faster.

The oversized, raised brim and extra long faux fur create a barrier for a dog, giving them all the warmth and security they need.

At Pelsbarn, our goal is to provide new and innovative pet products to help owners and their pets maintain their health. We really appreciate all customers and can't wait to help you and your best four-legged friend live a more comfortable, happier life.

Projects in 2021
- Awake animal

Pelsbarn wants all animals to have a dignified life - including those in the livestock industry. Many pigs, chickens and cows live terrible lives. They are kept in overcrowded and closed stables.

Wakker Dier campaigns to stop this animal suffering. And that works. For example, all supermarkets are switching to chicken with at least one Beter Leven star.

That is why we van Pelsbarn support the work of Wakker Dier by donating 10% of our profit in the month of December. With every purchase of a dog basket on you also support animals in the livestock industry this month. You can also donate directly to Wakker Dier. Donate here .