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Is my dog ​​happy? (5 signals)

Is mijn hond gelukkig? (5 signalen)

Is my dog ​​happy? In this blog we will look at the 10 signs that you can see that your dog is happy!

Sometimes you wish your dog could talk...that would be a lot easier. Then you can ask him if he's happy, and he or she can tell you when something is wrong. Fortunately, you can see from a number of signals whether your dog is comfortable or not.

1. Confidence (I Woof You!)

Not only enthusiasm, but also finding peace with you is a sign that your dog is happy and trusts you. For example, does your dog often lie on his back and let you tickle his tummy? That is a great sign of confidence, because lying on the back is a vulnerable position that dogs would never assume in a threatening situation. It is also a good sign when your dog falls asleep with you, it shows that the animal is completely comfortable with you. The same goes for leaning, it is of course very cute when your dog puts his head or paws on you, but it is also a sign that your dog likes to be near you.

2. Enthusiasm (look at the tail!)

It doesn't matter if you've been away for hours or just a few minutes, your dog is always excited when you come home. He shows this by greeting you cheerfully. Does your dog not do this (while he always did before)? Then there may be something wrong. Expressing enthusiasm in other ways, such as adopting the playing position (the upper body leans on the floor while the lower body is raised), raising the tail and wagging, and the ears pointing forward are also clear signs that your dog is happy. Another characteristic of a happy dog ​​is that it gets happy from a walk. So does your dog get all excited when you come up with the leash? Chances are he's comfortable in his own skin.

3. Food (proper nutrition!)

Finally, it is important to keep an eye on whether your dog is eating well. A dog that likes to eat is often healthy and happy, but when this is not the case (and the dog always ate well before) this can mean that something is wrong.

4. Behavior (Play!)

In addition, the behavior of a dog also says something about how the animal feels. When your dog is (usually) well-behaved, it generally means that your dog is happy. Dogs that do naughty things, such as peeing in the house or destroying furniture, often don't feel comfortable because they are afraid, for example.

5. Slanted cup (*melts*)

It is also useful to pay attention to your dog's posture. Not only the position of the tail says something about how your dog feels, you can also read a few things from the head. Does your dog often tilt his head when you talk to him? Then he tries to indicate that he wants to listen to you. Even though dogs don't fully understand what you're saying, it still shows that they respect you.

And don't forget... love

No matter how you feel as an owner, your dog is (almost always) happy. A dog's love is (in most cases) unconditional. But this sometimes takes some time. Your dog should feel safe in your household. He must be provided with love and must feel valued.

Your dog loves affection and, just like humans, this releases a substance in the brain that improves mental health.

The bond between you and your pet
The bond between you and your pet should be extremely strong and you can build this by walking together, cuddling and paying attention to each other.

If you have any more tips about how to strengthen the bond with a dog, let us know on our Instagram channel