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Our core values

At Pelsbarn we care deeply about (y)our pets. 

Our Core Values

1. Surprise & Delight Your Customer

No matter who our customers are— from the lifelong dog mom, to the passionate dog trainer, to our partners around the world—we create happy moments that exceed their expectations every day.


  • Keep listening. Treat each customer like he/she is family. Think like a customer to guide decisions.
  • Build relationships by being curious, personal, friendly & fun
  • Earn credibility and trust by being open, honest & down-to-earth
  • Show integrity & mutual respect for all 
  • Start & end by asking: “What would be a great experience for our external customers?”

Take Pride in Your Pelsbarn Product

No matter what we produce—from long-standing customer favorites, to award-winning customer service, to complex data sets, to our iconic dog beds—we go for great.


  • Take “it” to the next level. Don’t settle. Implement your IFB (“I firmly believe”)
  • Take ownership. Be accountable & measure results
  • Be proud to own or give
  • Learn from mistakes

Protect What We Love: dogs

We never lose sight of the fact that animals and the natural world is at the core of our passions & our business.

Share & celebrate the life of our pets. Together.