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About us

Hi, we’re Pelsbarn!

Hey! We are Pelsbarn. A family company who grow up with 5 dogs and 4 cats. We see our pets as our own children, and we think they deserve the best in the world. At Pelsbarn, we connect pets and people through thoughtful Scandinavian design to improve the life of our fur babies. 


Where design meets form and function

We’re driven to make living the “pet life” easier and more joyful. We create the best essential items - from adjustable dog leashes, to water-resistant dog beds, and provide a pleasant, uncomplicated shopping experience. 

Constantly improving in a sustainable way

We’re into doing good while doing well. That means improving constantly, thinking sustainably, and bringing awareness to animal rescue. We want to make our customers happier, our community stronger, and the future a bit brighter.



Our pets are our family.

And we believe we should treat them that way. After being frustrated with the lack of beautiful and functional dog products, we knew we had to do something.




So we design high quality pet products with Scandinavian design in mind.

Every pet product that we put out is an original in-house design. They’re rigorously tested by pets (and humans) and the materials are selected ourselves.




I'm Daan. I may be the founder of Pelsbarn, but really Maya is the CEO. Maya is my dog. She's my roommate. She's my partner. She's my inspiration. She's family. I love her, and I know, from her looks and her licks, that she loves me.

I started Pelsbarn to create pet products worthy of a family member - worthy of Maya. She literally tests every dog bed and product we design. If Maya doesn't love it, we won't sell it. But I have to love it too, and I want Maya's stuff to look as good in my home as my stuff does.

So that's what Pelsbarn is all about - creating innovative pet products that satisfy Maya and me... that make you and your pet truly feel at home together. 

Thank you for visiting Pelsbarn!