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Gratis bezorging in NL & BE boven €50


+ When can I expect my package?
Our average shipping times are 6-8 business days inside the US and 8-10 days for international delivers after your order is fulfilled.
* Customs delays and current world events may prolong shipping times*

+ How can I reach customer service?
You can simply send a message in the contact form located in the main menu or you can give us a call or an email to below stated address. 

What is the return policy?
If you (or your dog!) are not satisfied with your product send it back within 30 days for a full refund. No worries, you and your dog will love it!

* Why did I receive only one of my items?

If you purchased two different items, they may be dispatched at different times due to stock availability. Don't worry as your other item will arrive shortly. You can track your package from the section in our footer under 'track your order' below 'support'.

Product related questions

+ How does the Pelsbarn bed work?

Our beds provide a safe space for your pup to relax in, with the raised rim, ultra soft padding and covers it allows them to mimic being hugged by their mother.

+ What makes the Pelsbarn beds better than any other beds? 

We use only the highest quality materials and take pride in the production of our beds. Extra filling, removable and washable covers and high-quality zippers are all features you will find on our products

+ Are the beds machine washable? 

The covers of all of our Pelsbarn beds are removable and machine washable. We do not recommend washing the inner inserts, if necessary hand wash only.

+ What size should I get?

Please see our interactive size guide above and select your size. If you have doubts we always advise to choose 1 size larger for extra comfort.

+ What materials are the Pelsbarn beds made of?

We use a range of fabrics and eco-friendly materials for all of our beds, these include taffeta, bamboo, oxford, nylon and microfibres. These products are not fire resistant and safe to use. We also included a non-slip bottom so in case you have a leather couch (#govegan), the Pelsbarn bed won't slip off. Best thing is that it's also water-proof! Perfect for little accidents.


+ Is the Pelsbarn bed available in stores?

Pelsbarn is only available on our online store. We prefer to sell directly to our customers to keep the prices as low as we can.

+ What if my dog doesn’t like it?

Although we are very confident they will, we do offer a 30 day free return policy. No worries, you and your fur baby will love it!

+ Is there a warranty?

All beds come with a 12 month warranty. No worries, Our Pelsbarn team is here for you whenever you need us!

+ Where is it made?
Our company and products are incorporated and designed in Norway. We believe in transparancy which is why we share the full process with customers. Production takes place in California (US), Asia, and Germany where we are able to work closely with our supplier to bring you the highest quality products at an affordable price.

+ Can I cancel or change my order?

Sure, as long as our fulfilment team haven’t already shipped your order. Please email us directly at If we shipped it already (usually in 24 hours after your order is placed) please allow for the bed to be delivered and leave it unopened so they can provide you with a return shipping label.